Friday, May 27, 2011

Dragons Among Us

Remember when you heard tales of knights slaying dragons, damsels to be rescued from the ferocious beasts, and the mound of treasure each dragon collected and slept on? It's all true. Over the centuries, dragons were forced by hunting humans, to evolve or die. The Mother Dragon, hidden deep in her cave near the center of the Earth, found a spell to turn her dragon children into humans, a shapeshifting somewhat similar to the legend of the werewolf, although dragons are not slaves to the moon as the wolves are.

Since that time, dragons have walked among us. They look like us, talk like us, and the only way to tell them from regular humans is ... I can't tell you that yet, because I am writing this blog in secret and am not yet ready to be found. They have been looking for me, and yet I have evaded them these years by hiding in plain sight, with the sleight of hand of a pseudonym and the shield of 'fiction' to protect me. But make no mistake, when you realize the truth of these dragons, they will come for you too. Because they do not want humans to know their plan ... not until it's too late.

So come here, if you can, when you will not be watched, and I will update you on the dragons and their machinations. And do not despair, humankind, because I have a few dragon friends who are with me in my fight to stop them from taking over the world to rule as kings over us more fragile mortals. They can wait us out, because they live for a very long time, but those who stand with me are helping me prepare for them. We will help you, if you return.

Be wary,

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